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Jan 01, 2017 by Admin welcome

I’m Jon Peters, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with separated parents and their children for over twenty years. I primarily work as an individual and family therapist, coparent coach, and mediator. I’ve also been a custody evaluator, arbitrator (in Indiana, this court-appointed role is called Parent Coordinator), and expert witness. I’ve delivered over 250 divorce education classes to more than 6,000 parents. I’ve also taught more than 80 undergraduate and graduate courses as an adjunct faculty at Indiana University in the schools of Social Work and Public Health. I am also a divorced parent.

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Review: Mom's House, Dad's House by Isolina Ricci

Feb 05, 2017 by Admin review

Ricci’s enduringly popular book delivers helpful advice about adjusting to your new situation of two homes and constructive models to guide coparenting. While the title is proactive and, perhaps, healing, Mom’s House, Dad’s House is most helpful in explaining ways to avoid common post-separation issues and steer toward a positive working relationship.

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The Top 3 Reasons Stress Management Doesn't Work

Jan 02, 2017 by Admin stress management, coping

Talking to people about their stress and what they are doing to try to manage it is central to what I’ve been up to. There are myriad ways to cope with stress. Unfortunately, I commonly hear from people that stress management doesn’t work for them. That’s sad since most techniques are relatively free, effective, and with no side effects. Here are the top three reasons stress management techniques don’t work.

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Is Divorce Bad for Children?

Jan 10, 2017 by Admin coparenting, parenting

You may be worrying about the harm your divorce will cause your child. This may have resulted in a lot of stress for months, or years, prior to separation or an ongoing, reactive shame after separation. This especially gets triggered when your child has been exhibiting stress or not performing well. Much of this shame is unnecessary and unhelpful. Divorce is not all bad for all children in all ways. Some children are certainly at higher risk of negative outcomes. But, careful thinking about how divorce puts some children at risk can help you focus on healthy post-separation parenting and help your children cope and thrive.

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It's Okay to Complain. But,...

Jan 25, 2017 by Admin coping, parenting

It’s normal to be frustrated, sad, and angry after separation. Every day is filled with triggers and complaining in our heads and to other people is how we cope. It would be unreasonable to simply try to not complain about fears and frustrations. But, care should be taken to keep complaining from creating unsatisfying consequences. Complaining can be relieving. It can also be damaging to relationships including those with our children or others.

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Divorce Mediation 101

Aug 21, 2017 by Admin Mediation

Mediation is a formal process of negotiation that is often helpful before, during, and after a legal divorce. The goal is to come to mutually satisfying agreements on one or more issues rather than taking those disputes to court. Mediation may seem dauntingly complex. However, it is a potentially valuable process to consider as an alternative to more emotionally and financially costly litigation. And, mediation often provides more lastingly satisfying agreements to disputes than hostile court battles.

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