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Coparent Coaching Information

Coparent Coaching for Separated Parents

Parenting during and after separation is complicated and challenging.

I know this well. I've worked with thousands of parents over the past twenty years as a therapist, coach, mediator, and divorce educator.

You are dealing with hurt and grief while also trying to help your child cope and adjust to so many changes. At the same time, you are struggling to deal with your child's other parent to coparent as best as you can.

It's understandable if you're feeling confused, frustrated, and not very hopeful that things can or will improve in the near future. You may have tried to do things to make your coparenting go more smoothly only to have it fail.

While there is no simple and quick solution to the complicated situation of separated parenting, the good news is that I can share dozens of helpful strategies that can help you lower your stress, improve communication, and craft a more civil and collaborative coparenting relationship.

Lower your Stress

Lowering your stress will not only feel better, it will help you parent and coparent better. High stress sabotages our ability to think and act positively. Coaching will help you keep stress from derailing your good intentions.

Improve your Communication

Good communication is important as a parent to avoid dumping unnecessary stress on your child. Coparent coaching can help you be more effective and clear with your other parent and be clean and supportive when communicating with your child.

Be Civil & Collaborative

Your current coparengting relationship might seem anything but civil and collaborative. It might not seem possible to shift it in that direction. I'm going to share practical and effective strategies to improve your coparenting relationship.

Coparent Coaching Goals

  • Understand how stress interferes with positive thinking and action
  • Learn how to lower your stress and cope with challenging emotions
  • Adopt a policy of being civil and collaborative even if your other parent isn't cooperating
  • Learn how to help your child adjust to your separation
  • Learn how to keep your child out of the middle of your conflicts
  • Understand how to navigate legal issues
  • Deal with your child being aligned with one of you and antagonistic toward the other
  • Understand and deal with common post-separation parenting issues
  • Answer your divorce and parenting questions

Schedule a Coparent Coaching Session

Sessions are delivered through video-conferencing on your phone or computer.

Fees= $60/50-minute session. Your first session half-off: $30!


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I'm ready to provide expert and caring support.

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