Resources for Separated Parents

Resources for Separated Parents

You'll find here a variety of resources for parenting after separation.

Feel free to send me a message to recommend additional resources.

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Coparenting after Separation - Free Intro Course

Get over 90 minutes of video coaching lessons for free to help you lower stress and coparent better.

Coparenting after Separation - Full Course

Get over five hours of video lessons to help you lower stress, communicate better, and craft a more civil and collaborative coparenting relationship. This course will help you help your child cope with your separation.


This site is useful in two ways: It helps parents to clarify specific, positive elements of co-parenting which is a wonderful antidote to reactive, negative hostility. And, if both parents complete the questions on the site, it will merge the two sets of answers into one report...a good starting point for a careful conversation about co-parenting.

Our Family Wizard

This is an excellent resource to facilitate communication and keep your children out of your conflicts. Use the site to negotiate coparenting agreements, schedules, to settle shared parenting expenses, and share communications such as school reports. Highly recommended.


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