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Eldercare Counseling for Caregivers

Caring for older family members is complicated and challenging.

Your family member ages. Your role changes and becomes more complex. Health issues, financial concerns, and issues of disability and daily living tasks become increasing burdens on you and others. It is often complicated and confusing to try to maintain the least restrictive living environment for your family member while also keeping them safe and well-cared for.

You can benefit from support.

This can include: dealing with grief, anger, and sadness; coping with legal, financial, and family matters; and, exploring community resources for you and your family member. This also means dealing with episodes of acute illness and hospitalization, residential care and placements, and preparing for death.

I have worked with hundreds of caregivers over the past twenty years in home, nursing home, and hospital settings. I am experienced and well-prepared to help you deal with issues related to ageing and the end of life.

Sort out the Past

Whether you are dealing with grief from a loss or coping with adjustments of the recent months or years as a caregiver, Eldercare Counseling can help you deal with these changes.

Cope with the Present

Eldercare Counseling helps you cope with your current situation, regardless of the issues at hand. Reduce your stress, stay properly focused, and get connected with resources.

Prepare for the Future

Your role as a caregiver evolves as your family member's needs change. I will help you anticipate and prepare for issues that are likely to arise next. Know your options and be prepared.

Eldercare Counseling Goals

  • Cope with grief and challenging emotions
  • Handle family dynamics around caregiver roles
  • Learn about Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Learn about how Advanced Directives work
  • Identify and connect with community resources
  • Understand extended-care facility/nursing home options
  • Cope with chronic and acute health issues
  • Deal with the onset and progression of dementia
  • Understand and cope with death

Schedule an Eldercare Counseling Session

Sessions are delivered through video-conferencing on your phone or computer.

Fees= $60/50-minute session.


Contact me with questions about scheduling or whether my services are appropriate for you.
I'm ready to provide expert and caring support.

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