Coparenting Better Podcast

CoParenting Better Podcast

Advice to help separated parents lower stress, improve communication, and craft a more civil and collaborative coparenting relationship.

Parenting during and after separation is complicated. Over the past twenty years, I've worked with thousands of parents as a therapist, coparent coach, and mediator. I've delivered divorce education classes to more than 6,000 parents. I know how stressful and complicated separated parenting is.

Get expert advice.

This offers expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of your situation. I've distilled what I've learned over the past two decades into brief episodes which cover a wide range of post-separation issues.

Topics include: dealing with stress, improving communication, keeping children out of your conflict, talking to children about separation, and a variety of strategies to improve the quality of your coparenting relationship.

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Lower Stress

You will parent and coparent more effecively as you lower your stress. I explain the way stress gets in the way of coping and performing well as a separated parent and what to do about it.

Improve Communication

Learn strategies to improve your communication with your child and your child's other parent. Yes. There are ways for you to improve communication even if your other parent is a jerk.

CoParent Better

Your coparenting relationship can, and will, improve. This podcast offers dozens of helpful lessons which have been effective with so many parents I've worked with over the past two decades.

CoParenting Better Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Introduction

Jon introduces the podcast series and explains what will be delivered in future podcasts.

Episode 2: Understanding the Physical Stress Response

Jon explains how our brains change when stressed.

Episode 3: Missing the Green Slice

Jon talks about Missing the Green Slice: one way stress prevents us from seeing the positive.

Episode 4: A Sense of Control

Jon talks about why divorce is so stressful and having a sense of control.

Episode 5: The Building is on Fire!

Jon talks about how stress results in our seeing things as overly important and urgent.

Episode 6: Ghosts from the Past

Jon talks about ghosts, or artifacts, from our past which influence our current experience.

Episode 7: Stress Management 101

Jon encourages listeners to implement a daily stress management program.

Episode 8: Mindfulness

Jon explains stress management techniques.

Episode 9: Positive Emotion

Jon explains stress management techniques to build more positive emotions into your ongoing experience.




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