Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources

You'll find here a variety of resources for parenting after separation.

Feel free to send me a message to recommend additional resources.

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Hardwiring Happiness:The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm & Confidence - Rick Hanson

This book does a wonderful job of explaining the ways our brain is wired to create a tendency to be stressed and offers a practical method for reducing stress and increasing positive experience. If you buy one book this month, I strongly recommend this one.

Just One Thing - Rick Hanson

This book is also by Rick Hanson and offers fifty-two different techniques to lower stress and bring more awareness and positive emotion into your life. Maybe practice one per week?

Live Yoga Life

This site has a lot of affordable yoga instructional videos. If you're a beginner, I suggest clicking on Mark OBrien in their list of teachers and taking his beginner Vinyasa class.

Online Yoga Class


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